Hack Friends Whatsapp account Without Password

We will provide some techniques through which you can hack your friends or girlfriends Whatsapp with ease. You will be able to read all his or her messages and he or she will not notice it. You can also read all message which he or she will be sending. Here is a trick,
1. Go to Google Play Store and search for Whatscan App and Download it.
2. After Final Installation, Open the App and you will find a Bar-code which is like the below image:

3. After that Open Friends Whatsapp, click the three dots which are present at the top corner of right side.

4. After that you will find some options and you have to click on Whatsapp Web.
5. On clicking You will get on Camera and you have to click the barcode which you have recently opened on Whatscan App of your mobile.
6. After Scanning you will be able to read and write messages of your friend.
Enjoy and if need help comment below.

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  1. Thanks...its nice..and 100% working....but can hack whatsapp of one person at a time...

  2. did the other user may know it...if we hack through this trickkk

  3. Hey Ciara Hanna I love you💖 and do you smell what the rock is cooking


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