Republic TV Customer Care Phone Number, Head Office Contact Number, Email Id, Head Office Address

About Republic TV: Republic TV is an Indian headquartered news channel offering news related to almost every aspect of life. They mostly offer Indian News, World News, Entertainment news, Sports News, etc. The main operating hub of this news channel is nestled in Worli, India. It is a property of Arnab Goswami, Ex Editor-in-Chief of Times Now and Rajeev Chandrasekhar, an Indian Politician. The channel mostly delivers news items in English language and is available on different Satellite and Cable platforms. The two main broadcasting offices of this channel are based in Mumbai and Bangalore.

Republic TV Phone Number: 1800 257 2050

For Questions, Queries regarding Programs and Services of Republic TV, Use the above Phone number. You can call on this number of Republic TV with in the customer service hours.

Republic TV Head Office Contact Number: 022 4512 1000

This is the official phone number of Republic TV, Provided to assist customers on any product/service related Query.

Republic TV Email Id:

This email which is written above is the official customer service assistance email of Republic TV. For advertising queries and support use the below email address:
Advertising contact:

Republic TV Office Hours

Customers can Contact Republic TV during the below customer service hours.
Everyday: Open 24 hours

Republic TV Head Office Address

Below written address is the main corporate office address of Republic TV.
Bombay Dyeing Compound Worli,
Mumbai 400 018, India

Republic TV Website:

Republic TV Facebook Page:

Republic TV Twitter

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    जिला संभल है तहसील संभल है थाना असमोली है डाकखाना कुंदरकी भूल है ब्लॉक असमोली है गांव का नाम चकिया है पूरे गांव में आकर तहकीकात कर सकते हो जमीन मेरी यही है Arnav jiजी और पूरा गांव बोलने को तैयार है पर मेरे को जमीन नहीं दी जाती पुलिस को पैसा भर दिया गया है कोई कार्यवाही नहीं हो रही इसमें प्लीज अगर आप तो की शिकायत पहुंची हो तुरंत एक्शन ले और इस पर कार्यवाही कराएं राम राम जी🙏🙏
    कांटेक्ट नंबर 7668619923


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