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Basic Info: Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa, Fifth President of the country born in 1952 in South Africa. He is an Ex Student of University of Limpopo and University of South Africa. He sat on the president's chair on 15 February 2018 under the flag of African National Congress. From his early political career he remained keen to end the corruption in the country which according to his is the main reason for receding economic conditions of South Africa.

Cyril Ramaphosa Personal Phone Number: +27 12 308 5316

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House Address of Cyril Ramaphosa

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Government Avenue, Pretoria

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  2. The Honourable President

    We are mining company based in Mpumalanga Province, Badplaas and we have land that can help us eradicare unemployment in our communities and we seeking investors for our new gold mine establishment.

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  3. Greetings to our Hounrable President.
    My name is Yesh Maharaj and I have a product that assit in combating Covid19 and the Omnicron variant.
    I would gladly love to assist my Country, but it will only be possible if we can work together.
    Dear Mr President my heart goes out to you during this struggle, you have put our country on your shoulders fighting for us.
    Now we want to help you fight this battle and show the world what we South Africans are made off.
    Every country put a ban on South Africa, now its time to show them how they will come to us for help.

    Best of wishes to you our Dear President.
    Yesh Maharaj

  4. Corruption in the department of SAPS. PROVINCE POLOKWANE RECRUITMENT OFFICES

  5. Mr. President- I sincerely hope this message reaches you... I have been watching the deterioration of this country under your rule for a number of years- due to the corruption by your elected ANC officials. You should be ashamed of yourself for allowing this corruption to continue.. disgusting... You are not a president that is worth any form of respect- God will judge you and your fellow thieving comrades accordingly

  6. With all due respect Mr President can you kindly contact me as soon as possible there something you need to know very urgently my email is

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  8. Mr Cyril Ramaphosa a solution for you to resolve the power crises you have 2 nuclear reactors you can tap from 2 submarines lying some were doing nothing you must find out where they are and this will save you for the next election my name is derick henrico my email is derick h82 @ i hope you can make good use of this information


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