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Basic Info: Aubrey Drake Graham, whom we know with the name Rapper Drake is a Popular Rapper From Hidden Hills, California. He was born in 1986 in Toronto, Ontario and his present residence is in Hidden Hills. Not only Rapper, he is also a good Song Writer and Record producer. At the very young age he faced a great blow when his parents got Separated. Aubrey Drake Graham was then only a Five year Kid, he remained with his mother and his father moved to other City. During the young days of his life he has remained the Hockey player for the Weston Red Wings. He is an Ex student of Forest Hill Collegiate Institute.

Aubrey Drake Graham Personal Phone Number: 000 0000

Personal Phone number of Aubrey Drake Graham is not available anywhere on the internet, because every one will call him throughout the day. You can message him and ask him for phone number.

Aubrey Drake Graham Personal Email Address: na
This is the official email address of this personality.

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House Address of Aubrey Drake Graham

Below written address is the Home address of Aubrey Drake Graham.
Hidden Hills, California, U.S.

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  1. This is an Artist from jersey check out my soundcloud @ and here's my number 8622911314 My name is RomizZle

  2. can i have a more secure conversation with drake am kind of his fan but besides that i really wanna have a one on one talk with him

  3. Harja29@gmail.com9 September 2018 at 11:13

    Drake, you're my hero I have seen so many people do good things but you're the man. Your selfishness and warm heart put you one top of my list. I pray that I can do the same when I'm finish with my studies.. God willing.

  4. Hello I need drake email please

  5. I just want to let you know bro that you the realest out there you were the only famous person that I've ever wanted to meet or even have a conversation with. I don't get too excited over people just because they are famous but I do have a lot of respect for you for how you came up and you lyrics got me through a lot of hard times man and still do. I went to your concert down in Nola and it was my first big concert and it was the first time I've actually been able to just let loose and feel free from all of my problems. I have a son and we wake up every morning and If I Ain't Got You music on YouTube on my TV he gets mad and cries. You are the realest person artist celebrity that I've heard in a long time and I can't wait till you come back down here so I can feel free again. I've emailed just about every email address I can find that said it was you so I'm sure a bunch of crazy people have gotten some crazy messages that were meant for you but I really want to tell you how much your music has helped me


  7. Hi i have always wanted to meet Drake

  8. Hello Drake please follow me on insta @savagespence101

  9. Hi drake my name is Summer elise Mick im 26 years old . i thought i had been talking to you for a long while now on facebook . come to find out its your same picture as your official instagram page and there is a man they made me think it was you . i gave him my address and talked about personal stuff in my life. I went public on facebook and anounced that i was scared because he kept asking about my son and saying he was going to put me and him in a music video. He then went aboit trying to get money from me. I am publicly humiliated and my feelings are hurt. Ive contacted the radio station about this and also tried reaching out to you through instagram. I really thought it was you.:/

  10. Hi my name is summer mick i thought for a long time now i had been talking to drake on facebook he was nice had the same picture as drakes instagram. He was posing as drake this whole time. I have shared personal information with whoever this was i gave my address out then i called the radio station because i tried to call and he wouldnt pick up after i gave him my email to contact him on hangout app. He told me he was going to put me and my son in music videos that he loved me and then once i had called the radio station and they said it wasnt you probably i reported the facebook page to facebook as posing as a celebrity and went public on facebook. I then continued to talk to him him convincing me its drake because the page didnt get deleted ... Anyway point being the man is posing as drake and asking woman for money! He wanted 3000 dollars from me if i really wanted to be with him. Im hurt and publicly humiliated . when all i ever wanted was to talk to you


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