AAG Customer Service Number, Head Office Contact Number, Office Address, Email ID

Phone Number1-866-948-0003
Address3800 W. Chapman Ave. Third Floor Orange, CA 92868

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: American Advisors Group (Mortgage Company).
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American Advisors Group Customer Service Phone Number: 1-866-948-0003

The above contact number is the customer service number of American Advisors Group only furnished to assist the customers of their company. Customers having any issue related to the products can use this number as this is meant for all type of customer services.

Aag Corporate Office Contact Number: 1-866-948-0003

This contact number is the official and the main contact number of American Advisors Group. This is not their toll free number and you will be charged as per your current plan.

American Advisors Group Customer Support Email: getinfo@aag.com

The above email address is the main email address of the American Advisors Group and you can write all your questions and queries through this email.

Here we have listed contact numbers of American Advisors Group, Email Address of American Advisors Group, Toll free Number of American Advisors Group, Office Address of American Advisors Group, Social media Pages of American Advisors Group, Website of American Advisors Group, etc. These numbers of American Advisors Group may of may not be Toll free.

American Advisors Group Corporate Headquarters Address

There are various offices of the company located in different parts of the country, only meant to provide assistance to the customers. Below written address is the main corporate office address of American Advisors Group.
3800 W. Chapman Ave. Third Floor
Orange, CA 92868

American Advisors Group Website: www.americanadvisorsgroup.com
Through the above website address of the company, customers can check the latest product and latest offers offered by American Advisors Group. This is their main website and the products can be offered through this website.

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  1. Dear AAG,

    Im writing this email to you because its a server grievance that has been placed on our Family. We understood your organization is one that is here to help Senior Citizens in their time of need. So I’m putting in a complaint

    1. My aunt filed Bankruptcy in March of 2018 and had until March 18th of this year to either sell, refinance or pay the arrears on her house
    2. AAG was contacted in DEC/JAN to see if my aunt could get a reverse mortgage
    3. We were asked to produce the Bankruptcy Contract Paper work and documents. The one thing we were missing is my Aunts Trust. Which we provided about two weeks before the deadline of March 18th
    4. During this time I dont feel my aunt was shown the urgency and care she was needed because of her pending deadline. We would contact the agent and AAG letting them know that the deadline was approaching
    The communication overall did not feel right to me for some reason. I had emailed some documents in three separate emails for formatting yet one email said they got one document that was right next to and in the same email as the other
    Then I got another email that was cut and pasted not forwarded from another
    5. The bottom line is the good Fatih estimate and the numbers and document was sent off to the Bankruptcy Lawyer for the trustee to sign. My aunt is 83 years old and this whole things has weighed on her health not to mention her sister who is in better shape but elderly herself

    6 the agent called us about two weeks after the March 18th deadline to say that Im sorry we can’t do the loan because the Pay Offs are too high.

    AAG. Isn’t that something you train your agents and company to do the first week?
    If we had known that from the beginning all of our time and energy would have gone into another direction
    To me its like giving someone a gift and telling them its yours as long as they do this and that. You do all of that they say its yours. Then come back to you and say no I’m sorry its not yours.
    We were told to ask the Banks to waive interest it sounds like we are talking about 60k difference here. Now my mother who has high blood pressure is getting worn down the aunt is too. This is not good and not acceptable to me. It be different if this was communicated clearly weeks ago, but not at this stage and passed the deadline

  2. Our new roof was completed on June 1st, inspection was done June 7th. We still have not received our funds to pay the contractor who has kindly waited since June1. I get no return calls and no one ever answers the phone in the Loss Draft Dept. I have called various depts. and have gotten no satisfaction.


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