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Basic Info: Charlie Hunnam is an English actor which is followes by millions of fans all over the world. his birth name is Charles Matthew Hunnam and he was born on 10 April 1980 in Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, England. His received his education from Heaton Manor School and Queen Elizabeth Grammar School. he debuted in the film industry in 1998 and his first movie was Whatever Happened to Harold Smith?. So far he has appeared in differed movies including Abandon, Green Street, Deadfall, Crimson Peak, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword and other movies.

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Charlie Hunnam Personal Phone Number: 0000000

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Charlie Hunnam Personal Email Address: na
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House Address of Charlie Hunnam

Below written address is the Home address of Charlie Hunnam.
XXXX Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Charlie Hunnam official Website: na

Charlie Hunnam Facebook Page:

Charlie Hunnam Twitter

Charlie Hunnam Instagram

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  1. Charlie I would love a picture with you please!!!!!!

  2. Hi Charlie. I'm such a huge fan. Would love to meet you

  3. Charlie, I'm bored. I need a vacay....can I come chill for a minute?
    The Legendary Heather Rae Adair

  4. Hi Charlie I'm a really huge fan and would love to correspond with you. Thanks

  5. Hello and good evening Charlie my buddy Rico contacted Kenny who was trying to get in touch with you to get your cell number for me im missing you like crazy darlin it's your biker ol lady psycho when can we meet up im in binghamton ny still going to get a house in Pennsylvania this month i want to know when your coming back home to me love

  6. Hi Charlie! I'm a huge fan of yours and am a follower on your CHI page. I bought a key chain from a Miss Tina Fairclough who apparently knows you. I've seen a video of her with you and personal messages from you to her. I purchased a keychain in July 2020 she advertised on this page. To date I haven't received it. She ignored my messages after awhile. When I complained to the admins. (Kindly at first in Feb of 2021 7 months later, I was told to give them two to three weeks. When I checked back in the beginning of March they were angry at me. They said that they were busy getting the key chains together and something special from you which I was promised way back in July. Today I still have not received these keychains or anything from you of course. Ms Fairclough promise back in July. I have never posted anything negative or nasty on the CHI page but they have blocked me from it unfairly. All because of a lousy 16 dollars for a keychain that I ordered seven months ago going on 8. As I said I'm a huge fan of yours and have been practically from the very beginning of your career. There's no other way it seems to contact you because you're not on social media. I'm not sure if you'd like to be represented this way even if you are friends with Miss Fairclough I was never rude to her I was upset towards the end because she was blowing me off and would not answer any of my message pertaining to these key chains and kept lying to me every time she did get in touch with me in the beginning. I was told first they were out of stock then I was told she sent them and when they didn't come in a few weeks she didn't answer until I contacted the admins. Then she told me that she already sent two out and just send one back which of course was another lie. I have all the screenshots of this and the nasty message she sent me saying not to contact her or the admins again and I would be getting a refund. The only reason why she was nasty to me is because I wanted what I paid for and also what she promised me was something special from you and she said pure DNA and I also have that in a screenshot. So if anybody can really direct me to some place I can complain about this to you please let me know I already plan on going to the Better Business Bureau and anybody else that will listen. Even the news. I'm Sorry Charlie this has nothing to do about you this is all to do about the page that is supposed to be your official fan site because they say it's the only one that's in contact with you. That may be so but I would probably want to watch who is representing me. Much love to you Charlie I love all your movies I love everything you do. I love you.❤❤

  7. Hi there, someone claiming to be you on Facebook is contacting me Liam Morgan his Facebook is called Matthew Hunnan, I just want to make sure it is a fake because if it's not fake I would hate to be disrespectful to the real Charlie


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