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About The Company: A manufacturing industry with high quality audio products of different kinds.

Nakamichi USA Customer Assistance Number: na

This is the main assistance number of Nakamichi USA and you can dial this for any kind off assistance.

Nakamichi USA Customer Assistance Page

The above contact numbers of Nakamichi USA are meant for different technical assistance purposes. In this topic we have written almost every contact option of the Nakamichi USA so that customers may find it easy to contact them. Nakamichi USA Phone Number, Nakamichi USA Contact details, Nakamichi USA Official Website, Nakamichi USA Office Address is written is this topic.

Contact Timing:
Monday through Friday from 9am to 7pm Eastern Time (except holidays).

Office Address of Nakamichi USA

Below written address is the main corporate office address of Nakamichi USA.
New York, USA

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  1. NBS2 Wireless Bluetooth speaker. Can the battery be changed/ replaced if it is failing to recharge?

  2. Didnt have it for a year just got it in December and the bass stopped working

  3. Had my nk6 for 2 months stopped working and they want me to pay $50 to send it back so they can fix it or replace it. Customer service is a joke you can't even get a phone number to call. The person I've been talking to is Anderson and he is no help at all. I wouldn't recommend buying anything from this company. They have run around and around on this subject. They sure don't honor there product

  4. I got a nk6 soundbar had it for about 2 months before it stopped working. The company told me to send it back to get fixed or replaced which is going to cost me $50 to do. They won't send a paid postage to me like most good companies do. The customer service is a joke. Been emailing some guy named Anderson which is no help at all. I would not recommend this company or there product at all. They do not stand behind there product and give you a run around about it. I had one person tell me to send a video of it not working and a receipt which I did and they refused to take it. Not a good company.

  5. Yes i recently purchased the nakamichi 500 watt tower speakers and its a demo dislpay how do i get it to properly work and it didnt come with a remote is it possible to get a replacement remote and tech support to get my speaker working please call william walker 9105545560

  6. scam company looking into suing them. sent 3 systems back paid shipping they said I would get refund in an email. never received it. still trying.

  7. Radio bass stop working


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