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Mark Zuckerberg Phone Number, Address, Email Address, And More Personal Details, Whatsapp Number

  • Full Name: Mark Elliot Zuckerberg
  • Profession: Facebook Founder/Owner
  • Address: 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA
  • Phone Number: +1 650 543 4800
  • Whatsapp Number: na
  • Email Address:

Mark Zuckerberg Personal Phone Number: +1 650 543 4800

Finding contact number of Mark Zuckerberg was not easy, Here we have provided a contact number which may or may not work. However efforts are being made to provide other contact number of this personality as soon as possible.

Mark Zuckerberg Personal Email Address:

This is the official email address of this personality and you can contact this personality through this email address.

Mark Zuckerberg Personal info

Zuckerberg began using computers and writing software in middle school. His father taught him Atari BASIC Programming in the 1990s, and later hired software developer David Newman to tutor him privately. Newman calls him a "prodigy", adding that it was "tough to stay ahead of him". Zuckerberg took a graduate course in the subject at Mercy College near his home while still in high school.

He enjoyed developing computer programs, especially communication tools and games. In one such program, since his father's dental practice was operated from their home, he built a software program he called "ZuckNet" that allowed all the computers between the house and dental office to communicate with each other. It is considered a "primitive" version of AOL's Instant Messenger, which came out the following year.
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Mark Zuckerberg American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur. He is best known as one of five co-founders of the social networking website Facebook. As of April 2013, Zuckerberg is the chairman and chief executive of Facebook, Inc. and his personal wealth, as of July 2014, is estimated to be $33.1 billion.Mark Zuckerberg receives a one-dollar salary as CEO of Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg Contact Address

If you are in need of the personal address of this great personality, just scroll down and you will get it instantly.
1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA

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  1. I have a cousin that got booted off Facebook because she and her niece got into agrument on Facebook and I want to know if you can look into why -

    1. Its because freedom of speech doesn't exist anymore

    2. facebook block ho gaya kay ap na block kay hai

    3. This same thing happened to me and Facebook wont help me at all. I just want my Facebook back. My sister hacked my account so I changed my password, blocked her, and then reported her. Facebook removed her account for half a day, she then reported me and Facebook removed my account and it's been almost 5 days. I didn't do anything wrong and they wont even email me.

    4. sir pleace my facebook account 29 march 2019 give me report my account disable sir place helf my real facebook account sir help place my account undisable gmail id. ore:. 01674985105 profile name:emranahamed birday date: 18 fevruadary 1993 place my account on help

  2. My question is why Does Mark Zuckerburg allow ANTIFA to organize to a point of racketeering on the face book system, for him to condone what they are doing it makes him an accessory to their illegal behavior. Could you please provide an explanation to ease my mind of Mark allowing ANTIFA to use face book as a tool to racketeer. Please answer the question.

  3. Email adress doesn’t work.

  4. Hi Mark Zuckerberg I like you . You good person in the world .because I like those person who donate money you are those donate higest money you daughter are birth . Your same like are people are not more . I am Indian . I proud you.

    1. Unless they pay him an arm and leg it wasn't him

    2. They contacted me in May about a prize then they took my accounts and no matter how I try to create a new one or recover another they boot me off and blocked .

  5. Ok Mark Zuckerberg I have an account with Facebook I have been block for crazy reason this woman inbox me tilling me that my name have been drawing for a winning so i gave her my Facebook info so she tell me if I don’t get the money to pay for my winning she will block me from my Facebook account for life an she did do that now I don’t have a Facebook account nomore

  6. MARk suckerberg i ut a great arcticle about life on facebook i want to kn ow wnhy its deleted im pissed and not very hapy,i u wont post i'll make sure u lose alot of potential coustomers i'll will make it my full time job regars , wsas a friend not anymore,if disagree not to put it back up i'll sabatage alot of fb subscreer to end thei aacount dconsider it !!!!
    with good regards

    1. Ahahaha you don't subscribe to facebook retard it's free to use

  7. i made a super artikelk about god life and everything u guys deleten it,when if it isnt put back up with 1 hour i'll my hate for fb will go so far u will daily look facebook account and i will not stopp till make loss! and i wont stop there its not warninng its a mind set is a dangerous mind ! pls do the good thing and put childish things aside

  8. Mark, can you do something about people using your good name and pretends to be you and tries to scam people. I had a man pretending to be you telling me I won $600,000 from FB but I had to send this fake Mark ZUKERBERG account asking me for $350 for mailing fees for Fed Ex & I told this fake MZ to leave me alone & he won't. Mr. Zuckerberg will you please stop these scams on FB.
    Thank You, Amanda Gilliland

    1. Is it true. I got the same message. On hangout today


  9. Why did you cancel my email address?

  10. I want to know why is it that Mark Zuckerberg allow women to post Nude photos


  11. Mark I been getting cyber bullied for too long
    This p e son is using my photos and plastering hoe across it or calling me a pregnant hoe

    This I my photos he is putting everywhere
    On his page
    Tell him to take it down
    Or shut down his page

    My name is
    Megan zaragoza

    My 2 accounts facebook
    Bear boo
    Meg zaragoza

    This guy name is
    Travis Paul Williams

  12. My pleasur writing to you, my coneceres has to do with the disabling of account name (Charleston P. Tog) this stands to be everything I ever wanted it my life, I have my persoal informations which Is related to My late Father picture and my family information, my school document which I don't have any where beside on facebook and it's in my account. All my personal documents I need to present to company for an employment before this issued occurred,
    I am kindly asking your honorable office to pleased allow the opening of this account once more please, I can't afford to lost this account(Charleston P Tog) I can never by any means go against the Law and policies of facebook,I strongly believe that harker try to enter my account which cause this problem.

  13. DEAR MARK MY QUESTION TO YOU IS I LOVE YOUR FACEBOOK BUT THERE IS ONE THING I USED TOO LOVE PLAYING AND IT WAS FARMVILLE I HAD A LOT OF FRIENDS ON THERE THEN I JUST DID NOT GO ON MY COMPUTER AS MUCH. But i still loved farmville then when i went back on there it was not mine as it should have been it was not what i created my self. But i am sorry too say it was indian to me i am not being awful or any think but i am not one of those people that call folk because every one is humans and and they are eqill too us bless but my feellings was hurt by the change because i created my form of things whichwas i had a castle and lovely gardens and lovely animals which i hada lot of and i had a lot more things beside so why as it changed why has it not stopped as it wasbecause there are a lot of people that like to play these games.And if they get changedand they liked it they might just think are well thats it. and you do not want too lose good people sweet heart i loved that farmville i used too look forward to going on it my self and sorry too her about the trouble on tT V.

  14. On yesterday I received a text from this person pretending to be Mark Elliot Zuckerberg. He claims that I have won $500k but I needed a Facebook credit card and I need it top it $2000 for him to deposit the $500k into the credit card or wire the money to someone for him to send me a atm card. Scam.

  15. Good Evening Sir Great one Mark Elliott Zuckerberg. Hope that I meet you well Sir. My name is Chigozie Ambrose Azaka mostly called Omekannaya from Nigeria. My Facebook Account with the name Chigozie Caazo Azaka has been hacked because my Android Tecno Phone was faulty. I noticed that the Hacker has gone ahead to delete my Profile picture, removed my email address, my phone number and he changed my password. I equally noticed and observed that Te hackers name is Richard Kent through his email.

    Please kindly help me on how I can recover this account back. Thanks as I await your reply.

  16. My fb id named छात्र नेता प्रविण सिंह is disabled please restart it

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  18. Appreciate this post. Let me try it out.

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  21. i am intellectually disabled + account was disabled b cause i know nothing about computers they just want normal people with no defects no brains SJWs to dob people in.they know everything about u but u cant contact them what sort of buisness is that criminals is what is.scared of a little critisum

  22. Sir
    My Real Facebook Account is Disabled By facebook Team. I was some Time Wen Our identify But not my Real Account solid solution.
    I'm waiting For I reply

  23. Mark you are just going to stop facebook for good because i don't see why someone cant chat or tell people about he or she product you need to sell facebook to someone who can handle it better because you only care about your money not others interest that's wickedness and i pray everyday ogun kills you

  24. Where's my truck and million dollars you promised me in May .Oh wait I ran out of money for you to steal . Yes this is Tina Robert's the same one you told blacks should be skaves.

  25. Md, you disagreed with the decision

    ON JANUARY 4, 2022

    It usually takes us just over a day to review your information. Check back here.

    Your account is not visible to people on Facebook, and you can't use it.

    What happens next

    We'll take another look at your account. We have fewer people available to review information due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It may take longer than usual.

    If we find your account does follow our Community Standards, you'll be able to use Facebook again.

    If we find your account doesn't follow our Community Standards, it will be permanently disabled and you won't be able to disagree again.

  26. How gat my Facebook I'd is back 9 January you identify...???

  27. My facebook account has been locked since April 27 till date
    I have confirmed my identity but I can't access my account

  28. What's wrong with my Facebook page

  29. Why Facebooks is behave like this I use my Nickname (Officiaz Eminent) as my username on Facebook because that's what every body in my town used to call me and I use girlfriend picture as my dp they a now asking me to send my ID with the picture I use on my profile picture with my username on Facebook I can't chat with my friends with my relatives that I don't have there number
    Please Facebook owner if you don't want us to chat 💬 again on Facebook maybe you should block all the Facebook user and let us no that Facebook is no more let another person to create another chat application


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