Greats Brand Customer Service Phone Number, Office Address, Complainyts, Email Address

AddressBrooklyn New York,
United States
Phone000 000
Contact Hours
Monday - Friday from 10am - 6pm EST

Greats Brand Customer Service hours

If you have to contact the customer service department of Greats Brand, you can contact them on specific timings. The customer service hours through which you can contact Greats Brand are written below:
Monday - Friday from 10am - 6pm EST

Greats Brand Returning Information

If by any Reason Customers have to return the product owned from the official website of Greats Brand, they can return it on by first writing the officials through the official Returns page of Greats Brand. Here we will provide you a link that will directly take you to the Official Returns page of Greats Brand.

Greats Brand Company Overview

Greats Brand is a New York Headquartered Shoe Business company. Greats Brand is the first brand that was made in Brooklyn. The two partners named Ryan and Jon of this business had this idea in 2007 but did not made any effort to apply it in realty But later in August 2013, they finally decided to make shoe product and then shell them online without delivering to the retailers. The company offers different types of shoes named Rosen, Wilson Bab, Royale, Royale High, etc.

In this topic related to Greats Brand, we will be providing contact information delivered by Greats Brand. This information regarding Greats Brand will help the customers in solving different problems related to Greats Brand.

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  1. Was billed on my Discover card twice for a pair of sneakers that I
    returned due to size Fed Ex and you sent a replacement pair in the correct size. I assume credit wasn't given for the return, and a second charge. Please call 954-401-3903 re a correction and credit. Thank you, Al Reiners


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